For most of you, the Holidays may still seem like a lifetime away. Your kiddos just went back to school, and yesterday was the first day of fall.... how on earth could the Holidays be around the corner?! For those of us in the design field, the Holiday season practically started in the new year. Holiday Card concepting and design started way back in May. It's hard to wrap your head around Christmas when it's 60 degrees and gorgeous outside, but making some hot chocolate and turning on The Polar Express seems to do it for me!

When I started thinking about what I could offer you - my readers - to help with the stress of the holidays, I immediately started to think about what would help me. And while that seems a little selfish, I think you and I are pretty similar. We're woman with really full lives - working full-time and juggling a lot of responsibilities: planning a wedding, or raising a family, or maybe starting a business - we love to keep things simple, we want to snap our fingers and have the laundry to put itself away, and we want to spend our time loving on our families instead of our to-do list. One of the most stressful parts of the holidays for me is our Holiday Photo Session. I always book it way too late, am rushing around town to find the perfect outfits, praying everyone cooperates for one good photo for our Christmas Cards... I end up spending more times stressing about the process than enjoying the season with my kids, and I want to help you avoid that.

The Photo Project | Holiday Blog Series

So here we are, in September, starting to plan for our Christmas cards. Why? Because starting now means you won't be frantic the week before Thanksgiving trying to get it all figured out. So that you can soak up all the other craziness that comes with the holidays... the good stuff. This series is meant to help ease the process of getting one good picture for your Holiday Cards, so you can spend more time doing the things you love this fall.

Introducing, The Photo Project: Holiday Blog Series. Over the next two weeks, 4 of my favorite small business owners will be sharing their expertise with you, to help streamline this process and make this part of the planning FUN. From how to get the most of your mini session to planning outfits for your whole family, these ladies will be sharing their best tips and tricks. I'm so excited to share this with all of you - be sure to check back tomorrow for our first post form Kristi McKeag!