A Day In The Life | August 3rd

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments and emails last week! I'm so excited for this change and what it means for our family, and looking forward to settling into our new normal.

I've been meaning to document what a normal day looked like for quite some time now, and with only two days left commuting in and out of NYC, I wanted to preserve my memories of this time.... what it was like to be a mom, commute 3+ hours a day, and run my little business. I know in a few weeks I'll look back on this and wonder how I ever managed to stay awake, but I do want to remember it. As crazy as it is, this season of my life as been SO full: full of milestones and successes, stress and failures, full of babies and late nights and little sleep. The good and the bad, I want to remember it all.

Bella Carta Boutique | A Day In The Life

Monday, August 3rd

5:50 AM: The twins ended up in our bed sometime in the middle of the night last night, and now James is trying to dive over me to get to the floor, yelling for milk and dooooown and Woooca (Luca). They're partners in crime now, so he knows if he can convince Luca to do the same, we're up for the day and headed downstairs. Twins 1, Mom & Dad 0.

6:00 AM: Half asleep with the twins on the couch, we're watching Bubble Guppies to keep them quiet so Anthony can sleep a bit longer. 10 minutes later, Anthony is all smiles coming down the stairs, and James and Luca know its time to play. They adore big brother, and as soon as they see him, are yelling Annnnt! Annnnnt!!!!

6:25 AM: I'm upstairs getting my clothes out when I hear Craig yell Oh my god JAAAAMES! I run down the stairs to find that James was leaning against our front screen door and had fallen backwards onto the porch, and his legs were pinned between the screen door and the door frame. He was fine, but then Luca wanted to try to do it, too.

6:30 AM: Not even five minutes later, I hear a few choice words from downstairs, and run down to see what happened. While Craig was getting something out of the fridge, Luca had grabbed the entire half gallon of Half & Half off the counter, and dumped it all over the living room rug. Happy Monday Mom & Dad! We clean it up and I'm off to shower.

7:30 AM: I'm finally walking out the door to get to the 8:15 train. Technically, I'm only 15 minutes from the station, but with traffic in our area, it could easily take me 40 minutes.

8:15 AM: On the train. I start working on a few Etsy orders, respond to emails, post to Instagram and writing out my tasks for the week. When I only have an hour to get stuff done, I'm very efficient and can power through my list pretty quickly. 

9:15 AM: My train loses power outside of a train station. An announcement is made over the loudspeaker, and I start seeing the email alerts that NJ has delays into Penn Station. All of this is pretty typical (anyone who knows me personally knows that NJ Transit is my least favorite organization in the world). I figure once they restart the engine we will be our way.

9:35 AM: I start texting Craig about how crazy it is that we have no power (and no air conditioning), and download an app to tell me how how hot it is on the train (nearing 85 degrees). The little girl next to me tells her mom she might be sick, and I hear someone else say that someone needs water or they might pass out. I start to stress about how long we will be stuck here, and if they're going to let us off the train. I usually remain pretty cool in these situations, but today is an exception.

9:50 AM: We finally start moving, and the air comes on a few minutes later. And I'm swiftly reminded why I wanted to leave NYC so badly. Two more days, two more days....

10:15 AM: Finally walk in the office after stopping quick for my second coffee and some breakfast. Time to start training my replacement!

12:30 PM: A quick break for lunch, check my emails & social media, and respond to a few quick emails regarding a current bridal client.  I use my lunch to catch up on my favorite blogs, make a quick list of what I need to work on for the train ride home, and write down a few ideas for some new designs.

5:00 PM: I decide to leave a little early today. With only a few days left, I don't have a lot of work to do and really want to get home at a decent hour after my crazy commute this morning. I catch the 5:18 train, sit down and start working again. Check social media quickly, bid on a few items for the #bebravebrooks Auction, and respond to a few emails from vendors.

6:45 PM: Walk in the door to a flury of stories and questions and hugs. Anthony and Luca always greet me at the door, but James plays hard to get so I have to tickle him for some kisses. Dinner is almost done so we get the kids on the deck, bring out their highchairs and start feeding them first while Craig finishes our dinner.

7:10 PM: Dinner is done after J&L threw most of their chicken on the floor for the dog, and we have to do our nightly dinner time plea with Anthony to eat. If you take 5 more bites you can go on the swings. As promised, all 3 go swing with Craig while I pick up the kitchen and deck. I can hear them saying HHIIIII! HIIIII! Helloooooo! To our neighbors over and over :)

7:45 PM: Twins get changed for bed while Anthony is in the tub. I turn on Monsters University (their favorite) to get them to wind down and have their milk. Once Anthony is downstairs at 8, we start the bedtime routine.

8:05 PM: Craig puts James right in his crib (he only goes down for him - lord help me when he travels in a few weeks!), and then lays down in our bed with Luca. Despite being treated the exact same since birth, one twin goes down without a fuss and the other needs you to lay with him until he falls asleep. There are a few deer in our backyard, and I hear Luca from our bedroom yelling Hiiii Deeeeeeeer! Hiii!!!!!, before he falls asleep.

8:45 PM: Anthony's show is over, and he and I are off to bed. I'm guilty of falling asleep in his bed at least 3 times a week, but i know I have more work to do tonight so I try not to get too comfy. Prayers and 23 questions later, he falls asleep mid sentence and I head back downstairs.

9:20 PM: Pick up the kitchen and living room, straighten up the toy bookshelf a bit and make myself a cup of coffee before sitting on the couch with Craig. Depending on how much work I need to do, we either watch a show in the living room or I head up to my office. I'm always more productive in my office but this is the only time we don't have to talk over screaming children, so the couch it is.

10:10 PM: I'm exhausted from a really late night last night, and vow to be in bed by 11:30. Two Etsy orders are sent proofs, two are sent to the printer, a wedding invoice is emailed and emails are responded too. 

10:45 PM: One last bid on a #bebravebrooks auction item, send a few labels to print in my office to pack up orders tomorrow morning, and I start wrapping up for the night. Craig is already off to bed, and then I remember two more things I need to get done before I go to sleep.

11:30 PM: Finally in bed for the night, and as soon as I lay down, Luca is awake and crying. I head in his room, get him out of his crib and sit with him in the nursery. 10 minutes later I know he's not going back to sleep until he's laying next to Craig (total Daddy's boy), so I bring him in our room to fall back asleep. As soon as he is on my pillow, he's out. Of course!

1:25 AM: I wake up to James talking (well, yelling) for milk. Normally I wouldn't jump out of bed and would hope he'd lay back down, but I don't have the energy to deal with him waking up Luca or Anthony so I bring him downstairs for milk. Once back in our bed he clearly has too much energy and proceed to talk, steal Luca's pacifier and hit us in the head for the next several hours. Sleep isn't usually this bad, but tonight happens to be one of those nights that we remind ourselves that we need a bigger bed.

I'd like to say most days aren't like this, but if I'm being honest, they are. We loving refer to our brood as the three-ring circus, and our house (and car) as the circus ship. Most days are crazy, but we're just doing the best we can. In a few days, this schedule will look very different, and I know I'll cherish quieter nights that aren't rushed and frantic. When one door closes, another opens, and I'm welcoming this next season with open arms.