Behind the Scenes | Monthly Task Management

As a small business owner, I love hearing how others divide their time and manage their workflows. How they stay on top of their work, while still maintaining balance. The little changes they make that end up saving them time, or money… or simply just make every day life a little bit easier.

At Creative at Heart in January, I had the privilege of hearing Michael Alsop speak (Michael is the husband of Katelyn James) on finances, and some of his personal tips and tricks to staying ahead in your business. One of Michael’s suggestions was so simple, but so incredibly smart. The first of the month, he and Katelyn have “duty day”. One day in which they spend paying their bills, reviewing their schedules, filing receipts… all the really not-so-fun, but completely necessary, responsibilities of a business owner. 

Bella Carta Boutique | Monthly Task Management

Last month, I gave myself a rough outline of the items I wanted to complete for my own “duty day”, and decided that this past weekend would be my first attempt at streamlining these tasks. I thought I’d share them here, in case any of you wanted to tackle these this week. This list isn’t just for small business owners; this mindset could help anyone who is juggling a lot of responsibilities and needs to devote one day to getting organized. Remember, you can change this to fit your schedule: I spread mine out over a weekend (during naptime) so that I could still focus on orders last week, and spend time with my family over the weekend. I love knowing that I’m starting May with a clean slate!


  • Clean up desktop
  • Remove unnecessary files from April’s orders
  • Run updates & backups
  • Wipe down screen & keyboard
  •  Go through my inbox and archive or follow up


  • Review calendar for month: appointments, phone calls and orders
  • Plan out blog posts and social media strategies for the month
  • Straighten up papers and file April’s printed samples
  • Go through “drop box” and file receipts and invoices
  • Wipe down desk and printer


  • Pay bills and check in on outstanding invoices
  • Categorize April’s expenses in Outright
Bella Carta Boutique | Monthly Task Management

This whole principle is so simple, but has really changed the way I look at these upkeep items I tend to dread. I’d love to hear about any monthly task items that help you stay focused and organized!