The Dream Job Business Planner

My life is chaotic, I make no secret of that. And while I don't like to glorify being busy, there's no other way to describe this season of my life. The 3 things that consume all of my time are my family (my hubby and three boys under four), my day job, and my business... and I'm not willing to compromise on any of them.  I'm a pen-to-paper kind of girl: If I don't write something down it probably won't get done. My days begin at sunrise and normally don't end until 2:00am, and I count on my planner to keep me on track and organized the entire time.

As a self-proclaimed planner nerd, and I've researched almost every planner currently on the market. I've been known to google reviews from bloggers and brand reps, just to see what others think and to see how they're using them. The entire business around planners fascinates me, mainly because I'm their ideal client. If you promise me that your planner will change my life, I'll probably believe you.

Bella Carta Boutique | Dream Job Business Planner Review

Last year, I jumped on the Simplified Planner bandwagon, and really thought I had finally found the right planner to fit my lifestyle. All I needed was more room in my day to write, a simple layout, and a cover I didn't mind looking at for an entire year. I always consider the cost-per-use when making a purchase, so the expense of the Simplified Planner didn't overwhelm me. I couldn't wait for January 1st - this planner was going to revolutionize the way I organized my life and my business, and I was SO excited to start. And then in March, I realized I felt just as disorganized as I was the year before, and I was finally able to pinpoint why.

The Simplified Planner is gorgeous. It's well designed, functional, and perfect in almost every way. But for someone running a family and a business, it was still missing something... a place to brainstorm, a place for notes, and a place to separate my business tasks from my personal ones. I was using my planner to keep track of appointments and deadlines, and then writing in a notebook for more detailed action steps, for brainstorming new projects and for writing my weekly to-do lists. It was too much to keep track of, and too hard to focus. I need my entire life in one place - not three - and when Andi from the Dream Job Shop announced her newest product, the Dream Job Business Planner, I was instantly hooked. 

Bella Carta Boutique | Dream Job Business Planner Review

At some point I will share exactly how I use this planner, but this post is full of information on how the planner is broken out, what sections are meant for what, and how Andi personally uses it. The moment I saw the weekly layout page, I knew this would be a game changer for me. Two weeks in, and I can tell for certain this planner is here to stay. I feel more focused, and less frantic that I've forgotten something important in the depths of one of my notebooks. The notes pages following each weekly layout have been so helpful in allowing me a place to brainstorm and think through some new projects I'm working on, and the freedom of not having to reference another notebook has kept me feeling more organized.

Some of the features that I love (and you might, too!)

  • Monthly & Weekly Layouts (undated, to start at any time)
  • Weekly layouts have spaces for personal & business goals
  • Notes pages following each weekly layout
  • Business-focused Worksheets for Goals and action steps

I hope no one perceives this post as a Simplified Planner bash, because honestly, it's not. I know many MANY people that love their Simplified Planner, and I think that's great. I think Emily has built an incredible business, and her planners were truly the start of a movement: to organize your days in a way that allows you to make time for what matters most. That sentiment lives deep within all of our hearts, and Emily found a way to bring it to life. This specific planner just so happens to work best for me, and this current season of my life.