Earlier this year, I admitted that sharing my business goals in this public forum was really scary for me. Looking back on how I felt in January, I realize now why I was so hesitant to share: I was afraid of failing, and then having to admit that to all of you. Ironically, sharing those goals publicly has not only kept me accountable, but has forced me to reevaluate them on a monthly basis and stay focused on the bigger picture. 

Bella Carta Boutique | Twenty-Fifteen Business Goals Update

While my yearly goals are still the driving force behind my to-do list most days, I decided that having a few smaller, monthly goals would help me stay on track for new things have popped up, or items that needed priority this month.


1 | Finish re-categorizing blog posts, and update graphics for archives.

2 | Work through my ideas for a new client experience, and being pricing options for production. 

3 | Begin to develop welcome kits for new & prospective brides, outlining paper and printing methods, as well as our pricing guide.

4 | Begin to develop a welcome kit for vendors, introducing them to my brand and outlining my services.


1 | Optimize Etsy & Launch Ecommerce

•  Revise listing copy, titles, tags and add-ons. Almost done! 

 • Optimize my photos for each listing. Almost done! 

 • Migrate my site & blog to a new platform, and add an ecommerce option. Done! Ecommerce is scheduled for later this year! 

2 | Connect with Customers

 • Set a consistent blogging schedule. April is the first month where I've intentially written out each day, and its already helped immensely. Planning ahead is most definitely a game changers. 

• Deploy monthly newsletters. Our first newsletter went out a few weeks ago, and the second is scheduled to go out early next week. You'll want to make sure you're signed up - there's an exclusive offer for readers, that may help you finish (or start!) your Mother's Day shopping! 

3 | Expand My Offerings

• Launch a wedding collection! Done! You can see the full collection here.

• Practice hand lettering. Not yet! Hopefully soon!

• Illustrations & Graphics. I've completed the first Elle & Company illustrator class, and I'm already feeling a little bit more confident in my illustrator skills. Looking forward to the next four weeks! 

• Brand Development. Coming very soon! 

4 | Organize & Streamline

• Yearly / Monthly / Weekly goal setting. Weekly and Monthly Goals have definitely helped me stay on track, but I don't have a great method for recording these, so I'd love to hear any suggestions! 

• Finances. I have a date penciled in for "duty day" this month, where I'll update my business expenses in Outright, file away receipts and 

• Shipping. One of my goals for the month is to purchase my new shipping boxes, and I feel like it's Christmas! Not only will I be saving money in the long run, but I'll be able to give a more branded experience to my customers. 

• Creating a Production Schedule. Working on this for April! 

• Clean up Email. YES!! I'm so proud that I was able to get both of my business email accounts all cleaned up. Everything is filed away, and I now have a new system for flagging items that need follow ups. It's only been two weeks, but so far, so good! 

Happy Monday, friends!