In The Shop | All-New Custom Address Stamps

Late last year, a bride emailed asking if I could turn her parents' return address (from her wedding envelopes) into a stamp for their anniversary. Is there a sweeter gift for parents who had just married off their daughter?! I had never worked with custom stamps before, but figured there had to be a way to make one, especially since the design was already complete. What began as a simple question on Facebook to my ever-resourceful designer friends, quickly became a new product in my shop, and over the last few months, a large part of my business. Custom Stamps are beautiful, timeless, and the perfect gift for so many occasions. 

For the last few months, I've been brainstorming how to make the shopping experience easier. Customers were always asking me to see other design options, and while they were all listed in my shop, they were hard to find and even harder to compare against each other. I'm so excited to announce that not only are our stamps easier to purchase, but also that there are now a total of 16 designs to choose from! 

Bella Carta Boutique | Custom Address Stamps

When you click through to any of our stamp listings in the Etsy shop, the first image shows how the stamp will look on your envelopes (depending on the color ink you decide to use). 


The second and third images now showcase the additional design options available, along with a reference code to help you choose which one you'd like from the pull-down menu. What I love most about these new listings is you don't have to leave to purchase any of the other designs - they're all right there for you to choose from!

Bella Carta Boutique | Custom Stamp Options
Bella Carta Boutique | Custom Stamp Options (2)

Stamps are my go-to gift for bridal showers, weddings and housewarming parties. I've been working on a few projects that utilize custom stamps in a slightly different way, and I can't wait to share them with you soon! Be sure that you're following Bella Carta on Instragram this week, as we'll be announcing our Mother's Day Flash Sale any day, and I know plenty of Moms that would love to receive one of these on May 10th!