Twenty-Fifteen Business Goals | March

I'm not sure how you feel about Mondays, but most weeks, I love them. Mondays always seem like a fresh start - a chance prioritize and five whole days to tackle my to do list. It may be halfway through March, but nothing like a Monday to check in on this year's business goals and reevaluate our progress! 

March Business Goals Update | Bella Carta Boutique

1. Optimize Etsy & Launch Ecommerce

•  Revise listing copy, titles, tags and add-ons. About halfway done! Still need to update the last handful of listings, and finally get some of our new products added to the shop.

 • Optimize my photos for each listing. Still working on this, but I've made a little progress.

 • Migrate my site & blog to a new platform, and add an ecommerce option. you're lookin' at it! We're officially live in our new space, with an integrated blog to make everything function a bit more seamlessly. Ecommerce will be coming later this year! 

2. Connect with Customers

 • Set a consistent blogging schedule. Haven't been great about this, but now that the blog is tied into my site, I'm confident this will be easier to manage. 

• Deploy monthly newsletters. Our first newsletter is going out tonight! If you haven't signed up, you should... there might be promotion on one of our most-loved items! 

3. Expand My Offerings

• Launch a wedding collection! Done! You can see the full collection here, and I'm so thrilled with the final result. We are still hard at work on save-the-dates, day-of paper goods and a pricing guide, but they're coming soon!

• Practice hand lettering. Not yet! Hopefully soon!

• Illustrations & Graphics. I was lucky to reserve a seat in the sold-out Illustrator Class offered by Elle & Co, starting next month! I'm so excited to learn from Lauren and finally start to better understand this program, and how it can help me be a better designer. 

• Brand Development. Soon! We've already had the privilege of working with some amazing brands the last few months, and I can't wait to share them with you! They'll be featured on the blog, and services will officially be offered through our site in a few months. 

4. Organize & Streamline

• Yearly / Monthly / Weekly goal setting. Done, but needs improvement. 

• Finances. We have (almost) fully separated our personal and business finances. I have yet to establish a monthly schedule for the 'dirty work' - filing receipts, categorizing expenses and checking on our accounts, but plan to do so, soon.

• Shipping. This has gotten so much better! I'll be sharing more in a blog post soon, but suffice it to say that a $20 shipping scale makes me no longer feel like a slave to the post office. 

• Creating a Production Schedule. Eeek - no! I really need to do this. This might be #1 on my April goals. 

• Clean up Email. Nope. It's so bad, but I have hope it will change soon!

I'm so happy I decided to share my goals on the blog back in January. Writing them out has kept me on track, and sharing them here has kept me accountable. I'm so excited for all that's in store for Bella Carta this year, and can't wait to share the new things we've been working on!

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you find your fresh start this morning. 

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