Pregnancy Update: 25 Weeks

Ok friends - a peek inside life at 25.5 weeks with twins! 

(pictures were taken 1 day apart - I just think my stripe maternity top conceals my real "size")
How far along? 25.5 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: As of my last appointment, up 24 pounds. I cringe every time I look at the scale in the doctor's office, but according to them I'm perfectly on track for twins... so I'll just swallow my pride. I gained 28 in total with A, so I'm only 4 pounds away from my 41-week weight with him.

Maternity clothes? Ohhhh yes. There are a few pants that I can still wear with my belly band, but by the end of the day I'm pretty uncomfortable. With only 4 weeks left in the office for me, I refuse to buy anymore maternity pants. And I'd say 80% of my tops are maternity, as well.

Stretch marks? Not yet! I haven't been as diligent about my oil this time around, but I'd be very surprised if I make it through this pregnancy without stretch marks.

Miss Anything?  Wine. Definitely wine. And bending over with ease. Painting my toes. You know, the normal stuff.

Movement: Yes.  Baby A is still much more active than B, as they have been for the last 12 weeks or so. Baby B is in a very strange position (laying across the top of my stomach), and is facing my back, so his movements are harder to feel, too.

Food cravings: I can't say anything with consistency. Last week my favorite sandwich was goat cheese, sundried tomatoes and avocado on a roll. This week I'm loving the left over Nestle Crunch Bars from Halloween. Overall, my appetite is nothing like it was with A.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Still getting sick in the mornings if I don't take my meds. I've weaned myself to every other day, so I'm pretty proud of myself!

Have you started to show yet: Ha! Hahahaha!

Babies are: TWO BOYS!

Belly Button in or out? Almost out. Sad, sad day.

Wedding rings on or off? On. 

Happy or Moody most of the time:  I'd say overall I'm pretty happy. I try not to complain too much, but C hears it all, so maybe he has a different opinion. I have my days, like anyone else.

Looking forward to:  Finishing the nursery - November is Nursery Month in our house, my 28-week ultrasound and deciding on their names (we are so close!). Also really excited to almost be done with work! 

Babies Update: As of last week, Baby A was measuring at 1lb 12oz, and B was 1lb 10oz. Both, according to our doctors, are healthy and very very active (we've witnessed them kicking each other in the head!).