BELLA CARTA LOVES | Etsy Baby Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! I'm so looking forward to the weekend with my boys, seeing some family & friends, and enjoying this gorgeous fall weather!

The last few weeks I've felt a little consumed by all things BABY (in a good way!). I finally went through all of A's old clothes to see what we're keeping for the twins, and made a little running list of things we still need to get. Etsy, of course, is one of my go-to places for baby clothing, so today I'm sharing my five favorite finds from the week!


How adorable are these teeny hats?! My sweet friend reminded me the other day that we're having winter babies, and that I should stock up on some cute hats.  Kailee, the owner, is as sweet as can be, and let me know that she's launching her new fall collection on Wednesday, October 2nd! Can't wait to see her new patterns & snatch up some adorable hats for the boys!


More hats, sorry. But seriously, is this not the most perfect hat for two winter babies being born in the northeast?! My only hesitation is that if I buy two of them, the twins may be subjected to wearing them from January through April :)


Monogrammed footed sleepers. I'm thinking these will be the boys' coming home outfits... and will also provide some necessary documentation as to who-is-who if they're hard to tell apart in the beginning!


Little A had one of these bibs from The Lab when he was a babe, and we loved it. I think it's only fitting that our two new additions also have a some Otto-loving apparel, too. He is, after-all, their oldest brother!


And last but not least, birthday plates. Even though he's already two, I don't think its too late to start this tradition with A. And this way all of our boys will have their own birthday plate, that we use each year, and maybe, maybe, I'll let them take it with them when they get married. I love little traditions like this!

 Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!