Bedroom Gallery Art

A few months ago (maybe is was last fall?!) I mentioned that our cable company was making us getting a box for every TV in the house. We love to watch TV in bed (I know, a TV in your bedroom is the ultimate no-no for peaceful sleep, but we sleep just fine, thankyouvermuch), so we had to rearrange in order to accommodate our new cable box.

We also decided to get rid of Otto's bed, because he never used it. It was kind of a joke that all I did was clean dog hair around it, because Otto sleeps in our bed.

Once the bedroom had a new arrangement, the big wooden frames (now in our Dining Room) looked so out of place next to the window, and I was looking for something softer to flank the windows. So I shopped the house and came up with 2 new gallery collages. It took me a while to fill them with pictures, but for now I'm calling them done.

I'm still looking for something over the bed, and then this wall is next. I'm thinking its high-time for a full length mirror in our house, and this seems like the perfect place.