Five on Friday

Linking up with these lovely ladies again today!


I'm so excited to receive this KidCraft chair I ordered for A this week! I think it will be perfect for our family vacation this summer.... assuming that he actually sits for more than a hot second while we're outside. A momma can dream, right?


H&M for Kids. My dear friend Sarah bought A the most adorable shirt for his birthday, from H&M. It was my first introduction to their children's line, and now I'm hooked. On Monday we're heading over there at lunch to do a little more shopping, mainly for my little man.

Here are some of the things I have my eye on!


I'm having a hard time choosing a new rug for our living room. And this is the one I keep coming back to...
I can't decide if I love it or it. I'm not really a chevron girl, but think this would add some great texture to our space. Oh, and it can be hosed down with soap & water! Hello, perfect rug for my two wild toddlers (I totally include Otto in my child-count... especially when it comes to making a mess).


I've been doing some major purging, and here's what I have to show for it. This gigantic box is being dropped off tomorrow morning at the Goodwill. I'm so not sad to say goodbye to these clothes, and I'm loving all the extra space in my closet!


These two. Celebrating my amazing dad this weekend, along with the best baby-daddy a girl could ask for.

Happy Friday, friends!