Right Now

I am sitting downstairs, watching Friends, and drinking a glass of wine. There are wayyy too many things I should be doing, so instead, I'm procrastinating.

I stay up entirely too late.

Old Friends episodes are still hysterical, even after all these years.

I'm procrastinating because my computer is driving me crazy. I should be working on my nephew's birthday invitations, but for the last hour, InDesign and I were fighting, so I told him we were done for the night. We need a break. Actually, my computer and I need to break up forever. After 7 years, it's time for a replacement.

Today I wore white pants to work. Every time I wear white pants, I get something on them. It's inevitable. But this morning, I dropped my blush on my pants. A lot of blush. Very close to a spot where anything red could be insinuated as something else. Enough said.

I need a Tide pen at my desk. Yesterday.

My little boy will be two next week. Ironically, I'm not quite as emotional as I was before his first birthday. I think because I've already acknowledged that he's not a baby anymore... and that this age is just so much fun. I can't wait to see the smile on his face when he realizes we are all celebrating him. All weekend! 

I am however, stressing about A's 2-year appointment. Specifically the talk about how much he is talking. My heart is truly torn as to whether I think he needs help, or whether our society of social media is forces me to unfairly compare him to other children his age. I could write a novel about this.

So instead, I am telling myself this:

One of my best friends is about to give birth to her third baby any day now. Which is precisely what she was saying about me two years ago (except the third baby part). She is due on April 6th, the same day I was due with A. And her oldest? Shares a birthday with me. What are the chances? I can't wait to meet her next little love.

Happy (almost) weekend!