Our Mommy Must Haves

Happy Wednesday, friends!

I'm excited to be linking up with some wonderful ladies today, to share our "mommy must haves". The items that you can't live without: fashion items, baby items or any other things that make you "tick"... the things that help you get through everyday.

 It goes without saying that my little guy is truly my one and only must have (besides his dad!) ...

taken almost a year ago!

 ... but all the other things do help make life a little easier.

First, my "momiform" - any combo of skinny jeans & flats will do. On the weekends, you can find me in my favorite leggings and sneakers (perfect attire for chasing my wild child).

This shampoo has totally changed my life. I now only wash my hair every other day, and as every mom on the universe will tell you, having an extra half hour every Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday is just amazing. Plus, it gives me more time to make smoothies and play cars before I leave for work!

My diaper bag is pretty non-traditional, as in, a super-old (from college!) Lowe Alpine messenger bag. But seriously, this thing is amazing! I did the super-cute diaper bag when A was little, but it was more of a purse and was always getting milk spilled in it and I found it hard to carry on my shoulder while also carrying him. I wish there was a link where you could buy this, because it is amazing!

Wipes. It may seem obvious, but these made the list because they are everywhere - in our car, in my purse, my desk at work and everywhere in between. Aside from wiping a little tooshie, I use them for spills, rogue mascara removal and getting crushed goldfish from in between the seats.

I've mentioned them before, but these bibs are my favorite. We bring one everywhere we go, and you just rinse them out afterwards and you are done. They have saved many a cute outfit from disaster.

Matchbox cars. Oh boy... these things run my life, but I could not live without them. We find them in the most interesting places (coat pockets, under baseboard heating, in my wellies... should I go on?). A's fascination with cars blows my mind, but I love them, too! They get us through church & meals out. And is there anything cuter than a little boy playing with matchbox cars?!

Coffee. There are few things in life I take more seriously than my coffee. It 100% gets me through my mornings (see previous posts related to our 20 months of no sleep!)

My planner and iPhone. My planner keeps my crazy life in check. Between being mommy, working full-time and running Bella Carta on the side, I need something to keep me organized. I'm never without it, ever. And my phone? As it relates to being a mommy? For pictures, of course! 4,000 pictures later, it lets me catch the "everyday" without taking out the big camera.

Our Maclaren stroller lives in the car, but I'm always amazed how much use we get out of it. And the best part? The cover is machine washable! The second best part is that we bought it with accumulated miles that were about to expire, so technically we didn't pay for it ;)

And last but not least, taggie. Not my "must have", but it is A's must have, so it's mine by association. Taggie rarely ever leaves his bed, but for any long traveling, taggie is a must have. He is the instant soother and ultimate comfort for A, and is like the 5th member of our family. Tell me I'm not the only one.


Go check out Emily, Lyndsey, Darci & Leah's must-haves, too! These ladies are all amazing mommies, and always willing to share experiences & advice. Making a cup of coffee now to sit down and catch up their must-haves, right now!