Miscelleny Monday

I'm so sad the weekend is over.
I feel like I say this all the time - but we had the BEST weekend. One of those weekend where I realized I wasn't crossing anything off of my to-do list, but didn't care. Because we just had SO much fun.

I haven't done one of these posts in a while, so I think it's time!

• My new favorite breakfast? Greek yogurt and granola. I decided to give up bagels for lent... so yogurt is my new favorite (and necessary) breakfast. Bagels may not sound like a sacrifice, but for me, they are. A bagel in the morning is quick and easy, and so delicious toasted with cream cheese. I also expect that giving up bagels will help me lose 5 pounds by March 31st - we'll see if that really happens.

• Amazing. There are no words. I'm already on book #2!

• A sneak peek at the new desk. I'm so excited this is coming together exactly the way I envisioned.

• I ran out of memory on my iPhone. This is kind of becoming a trend. First my computer, and now my phone. I can't help it! How can you not take a million pictures and videos of this face? Gah - I love him so much, I can't stand it.

 • My mirror. THE mirror. It's here! And it's hanging in the bathroom. I promise to share soon. 

• I'm so proud of A; he's doing such an amazing job in his big-boy bed. Seeing him curl up with his lovey and his pillow, breaks my heart just a little bit. He is such a little boy, in a big, big bed. Knowing that he was ready for this change - no, that he needed this change - makes me realize he is truly a little boy, and not a baby anymore. Can't believe he'll be 2 next month.

• And because I need to distract myself from getting emotional about A starting nursery school in the fall, I'm shopping for backpacks. This is my favorite, so far.

Happy Monday!

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