Wednesday Love

I’ve always read (and loved!) WILW / What I'm Loving Wednesday posts from some of my favorite bloggers: Lyndsey & Maggie. Now that I have a blog, I can share my favorites, too!

I'm linking up with Jamie from This Kind of Love for WILW!
1. Gap Legging Jeans
I own these in white (it seems they are no longer available online, even though I just bought them last month). However, I want to own these in every color, and wear them every day. They are the most comfortable, flattering and lightweight jeans I’ve ever owned. I hope my work friends don’t take notice of my outfits, otherwise they’d know I wear these more than I should.


2. Essie Enuf is Enuf
I’m obsessed. I could wear this all summer, and never feel the need to find a new color. And since buying this color, I have become a semi-pro at the at-home mani/pedi. Love!


3. Target Aladdin Tumbler
I bought this last weekend, and have used it every day since. It lives up to its claim that it does not sweat and keeps your drinks cold. Also, the top screws onto the base – making it extra sturdy. The one feature I’ve come to love the most though, is the straw: it is child-proof. There is a ring that prevents a certain straw-obsessed-almost-15-month-old from pulling it all the way out. Genius! 


4. New Gift Wrap Organizer
I posted about this yesterday, but I’m loving the new addition to our linen closet. I feel like like I am one step closer to POML (Project: Organize My Life)! 

5. Shock Top Beer
My favorite summer drink! The last two summers I was either pregnant or breastfeeding, so I’m enjoying drinking freely these days!


6. Sleeping Babies
My two sleeping babies (ok, toddlers!). I love that they sleep so soundly in our bed, and that they are best friends.

7. Erin Condren
My Erin Condren Planner is on it’s way! Last year, I was floored by all the blog-hype around this planner. And here I am today, one of those crazy people, waiting for a planner to arrive in the mail! 


8. Pregnant Chicken
I'm loving this post from Pregnant Chicken. It’s an old post, but made me feel normal. Oh, and its hysterical!

9. Baby Self Portraits
I am not ashamed to admit I give A my cell phone during car rides to keep him happy. He hates the car – period. To thank me, he always leaves me a little picture surprise (he knows how to activate the camera, even when the phone is locked. He is brilliant)!. This picture, is the best yet. (I added the Instagram filter – as smart as he is, A does not yet understand Instagram).

Happy Wednesday!