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We're back with another installment of Wedding Workshops with Jaye Kogut Photography! Jaye has always stood out to me as a talented and passionate photographer, and when I saw how well she captures detail shots for her couples, I knew she'd be a perfect addition to this series! 


The big day is just around the corner and you’re suddenly wondering “What does my photographer photograph when they arrive?”.  Well, not to worry – because I am about to share some information you might find helpful and put your mind at ease!


I get this question A LOT.  The most obvious, but ambiguous answer would be “anything and everything.”  BUT, that could have a lot of meaning.  Normally, I go by what photos typically goes into a clients wedding album.  For example, your dress, shoes, jewelry, invitation and flowers.   The best part about details is we can get creative.  Do you have a favorite bookshelf in your home with wedding magazines and books you collected over the time of your engagement?  Do you have a perfume your fiancé loves on you and you plan on wearing it the day of your wedding? These sort of little details add to the personalization of your day – so don’t be afraid to show us these things and let us get the creative juices flowing! 

Bella Carta Boutique Wedding Workshops Series | Prepping For Detail Shots


You can never forget about the groom’s details! I normally tell my clients to have the groom’s details together as well.  This normally includes his tux/suit jacket, cufflinks, watch/jewelry, shoes, socks (if he happens to wear special colored ones to match the theme!), suspenders etc.  Again, these details could spread and include some more personal things to him like the cologne his bride loves on him that he will wear on the wedding day, or even his favorite sports team’s memorabilia. 

Bella Carta Boutique Wedding Workshops Series | Prepping For Detail Shots


This is where your Maid of Honor comes in handy! Delegate your MOH to gather all of your details and put them in one select spot in your home/hotel where you’ll be getting ready.  This will help the photographer out by giving him/her ample time to photograph details and get some natural candid getting ready photos, too! It also means we as photographers don’t have to keep bothering you or your bridesmaids to help find xyz details the morning of!

Bella Carta Boutique Wedding Workshops Series | Prepping For Detail Shots

Details are a big part of the wedding day – especially when you want to inspire other brides! So don’t be afraid to get creative and personalize it a bit to your liking. Have fun!

Bella Carta Boutique Wedding Workshops Series | Prepping For Detail Shots

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Wedding Workshops are back, and what better way to kick off the new year than with Laura Lee Photography! Laura and I met through a styled shoot last year, and became fast friends. Laura's passion for story-telling and her enthusiasm for educating her couples is contagious, and I'm so excited for what she has to share today! 


Let's face it. Planning a wedding is no easy task. I can't imagine where I would even begin if I wasn't in the industry! There are so many vendors to choose from, (and talented ones at that), they all offer something different and it can be COMPLETELY overwhelming trying to decide who the "right fit" is for you-and this goes for all vendors!

I absolutely LOVE that I get to document love and life for my couples on a daily basis. I think it's so extraordinary that the work I do last for generations. I feel so honored and humbled that couples trust me on one of the most special days of their lives and some serious magic happens when I "click" with my couples. That is one of the biggest pieces of advice I can give someone when they begin their wedding planning process-make sure you really get a good vibe from your vendors! ESPECIALLY, when looking into photographers. They are the only person (besides the videographers, when applicable, and the bridal party) that you spend the entire day with. You spend more time with your photographers then you do your spouse! So here are a few things to consider before you book!



Do you click with your photographer? I know I mentioned this already but it really is that important! When you inquire with a photographer, do they ask you about you and your spouse? How you met? How you fell in love? The proposal story? Are they invested in YOU? I can't express enough how important it is to get along with them- I will be completely honest, I'm probably not the right photographer for everyone! I love to laugh, I'm very candid when I shoot, and my main goal is to make my couples feel comfortable and have a good time. My couples are down to earth, love the outdoors, are adventurous, and very happily in love.  When I click with the values and personalities of my couples, you can feel so much passion in the moments we capture. 



Does their shooting style, and editing style appeal to you? Do you want someone who has light and airy photos or dark and contrasty? Do you want someone who hangs out in the background or someone who takes initiative during your day to get all the important shots? When you look at their work can you not wait to see more?


Do their packages include the rights to your images? Personally, all my wedding packages include the rights to your images. I don't want to take your wedding pictures hostage and I don't want to limit anyone to picking their 100 favorite images. All my packages include a full high-res edited gallery so you can relive your day from beginning to end, time and again. 



What products do they offer? Do they offer high quality albums? Prints? Digital files only? Make sure they offer what you want! I LOVE making wedding albums for my coupes because tangible goods are the only way to be sure your pictures and your memories are living on for a lifetime. When technology moves onto the next thing, your prints and albums will live on.


Do they have a second shooter? I personally don't shoot any of my weddings without a qualified second shooter to capture a different perspective on the wedding day. While I am with the bride and her girls as she gets ready, my second shooter is with the groom and his party.  They aid during family formals and make sure to get all the important angles during the ceremony that wouldn't be quite as possible with one photographer. I LOVE seeing how your day looks from a different perspective.



How many hours should we have coverage? In my experience, 8 hours on a wedding day is plenty when everything is happening at one venue. It's enough time to get sufficient detail pictures, candid prep shots, and through at least one dancing set as long as dinner is served strategically. I aid all my couples with the timeline creation so that we make the best of those 8 hours.  When there is travel involved between prep and ceremony and reception I would recommend at least 9 hours.


Do they offer an engagement session with any of their packages? Some people might seem like this is completely unnecessary, and just "one more thing to pay for." Because I so strongly feel that engagement sessions are a vital part of the wedding experience, I offer them complimentary with ALL of my packages. The engagement session is the trial run. The time for me to see how you interact as a couple, for my coupes to see how I shoot and get comfortable in front of my camera, and really just to have a great time! They're personal, casual, and SO MUCH FUN. 


I'm sure the list goes on, so if you have any questions I'd love to hear from you! You can read some more FAQ's on my website here: Thanks for stopping by and reading! I hope these tips will make this process a little less overwhelming!

Happy planning!!


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